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I first met Amanda and Patrick bright and early on New Years day to discuss their upcoming May wedding at Top of  the Town. We talked all things wedding and then about their upcoming move to Uganda, Africa.  Amanda and Patrick brought up the idea of having their engagement session at the National Zoo, to pay tribute to where they will be starting their new life as Mr. & Mrs among the wildlife.

With this crazy winter we have had where it has been 70 degrees one day and snowing the nexy, picking a nice warm day has not been easy. We finally found down a day which was still pretty with overcast skies that made for the best lighting.  I decided to drag my husband with me to this shoot to practice his second shooting (he did great).

We arrived at Patrick and Amanda’s DC home bright and early and took a short walk to the Zoo, even getting there early enough to beat out all of the crowds and get some gorgeous pictures all around the Zoo grounds. Once the crowds started to arrive we decided to head to one of the side streets outside of the park where they had a gorgeous mural painted with vibrant colors.  I was in love.

We wrapped up our afternoon with pictures in front of their home with their puppy Gumbo who stole my heart.  What better way is there to capture and remember your first home?

Thank you for an amazing day and a delicious lunch Amanda and Patrick! I can’t wait to capture your wedding in May. We truly walk away from this session with new friends. 


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