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Snow Day!

SNOW DAY! YAY! That comes with the utmost sarcasm.  I am officially over winter.  I have had enough of the constant shocks, static, and dry skin.  I can’t wait to have single digit temperatures and below freezing wind chills in the rear view. I am ready for a warm weather, sunshine, flip-flops, open windows, fresh air and of course WEDDING SEASON!

This was our first major snowfall/storm since moving back from Hawaii. I went outside for a total of 10 minutes only because Chloe was whining that Tim was outside without her. It was great seeing how excited she got while she hopped around the fluffy white snow like a deer, chasing any bit of snow Tim would throw.  Now that I got some cute pictures of my puppy daughter outside I’m ready for it all to disappear!

I hope everyone had a fun and safe snow day!

Meanwhile, shear panic set in when I thought my white Persian was lost in the mounds of snow.  After searching all his favorite spots I found the door to our guest room slightly open and this little booger was snug as a bug.


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