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Wizard of Oz Baby Shower

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

I can't believe I'm an AUNT! My older sister Justine and her husband Anthony welcomed their first child, a little boy into the world last month and I finally got around to finishing her baby shower photos.

Back in February, my Mom hosted the most amazing baby shower for my sister Justine. After months and months of planning ( I am not kidding we started talking and planning this baby shower back in August) she pulled off the most unique baby shower ever! My sister all time favorite book + movie is the Wizard of Oz, she could recite it frontwards and backwards and is forever quoting the movie. When she told us she was planning on doing the nursery in a masculine spin on Wizard of Oz with emphasis on the lion, who is her favorite character from the movie, My mom and I would laugh and go bug eyed at one another whenever she talked about it because she had no idea that was the theme of her baby shower! Justine was lucky to be surrounded by an abundance of family and friends who came from near and as far as Massachusetts to shower her with love and support. I can't wait to share!

On Saturday we welcomed Justine to Munchkin Land the most beautifully decorated and put together baby shower I have ever seen! I couldn’t believe all the love, hard work and planning my mom put into this day. Everything was PERFECT, from hints of lions, rainbows and hot air balloons throughout and the themed foods to correspond with different parts of the movie. “No Place Like Home Meatballs” was sitting with the famous Mastrangelo meatballs, “Somewhere over the Rainbow” was a gorgeous fruit display created to look just like a rainbow even the most perfect heart shaped “Tin Man Heart” tuna salad sandwiches! Justine wandered around my mom’s house in awe of everything and that was just the main food table!

My mom had a vision of the house being turned into the land of oz and she did an amazing job making all the things. All the decorations you see my mom made. From the floral arrangements, pom pom flowers, garlands oversized hot air balloons and the hand painted hot air balloons flying above her chair and the yarn rainbow. Our biggest challenge was the hot air balloon arch which took us a whole day to blow up and assemble the arch, it literally took blood, sweat and a couple of tears with having to tie over a hundred balloons.

The dessert table was beautifully done with the theme continuing Ruby Red Candy apples, Munchkin Land Donuts and Scarecrow Stuffing. The lion topped cake and themed hot air ballon & Lion cookies were a big hit! My Sister and Anthonys favorite decoration was the giant hot air ballon, they can't wait to use it for baby T's newborn pictures.

I still feel like I didn't take enough pictures to truly document how amazing the day was! Thank you to all our friends and family for traveling from near and far to shower Justine with so much love! Baby T is definitely one spoiled and very loved little boy already!

Introducing Nico!

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