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"Ring" in 2016!

Today I’m kicking off my “Best of 2015” Blog series!  Over the next couple of days I will be showcasing all of my favorite wedding, bridal, and receptions pictures as well as details shots, engagement & portrait sessions, and finally my picks for best dance moves throughout the year.

The first installment of my Best Of 2015 will showcase wedding/engagement rings. This is the perfect way to ringin the New Year (sorry I couldn’t help it).  I love ring shots because all of the different shiny diamonds and unique settings give me plenty of room to be creative.  After all, what girl out there doesn’t appreciate staring at sparkly things like wedding ring bling?  Lucky for me, I get to have fun with rings quite often!

If you love ring shots as much as I do, you’ll agree that these shots deserve a moment just for themselves


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